Hawkhurst Scarecrows 2020

Our intrepid team of judges spent hours walking and driving along the highways and byways, nooks and crannies of Hawkhurst to visit the scarecrows. They looked, they considered, they measured, they pondered – and then decided there was only one thing to do: hand out MORE prizes! There are just so many great scarecrows out there and we’ve loved seeing every one. So here we go with the list of winners, and thank you everyone for taking part!

Category: SCARIEST
Title:Female Smuggler
Location: Copthall Avenue

Category: TALLEST
Title: Prisoner of Lockdown
Location: Tory Row

Title: WI Emily
Location: Mercers

Category: CHILDREN
Title: Boy
Location: Wish Valley Mews

Category: GROUPS
Title: Farmers
Locations: Slipmill Lane

Title: Lady in Deckchair
Location: Fairview

Group One
*      Waitrose Gift Card for £20.00
*      Tesco shopping for £40.00
*      Park Farm Butcher shopping for £30.00
Group Two
The following have a value of up to £20.00.
*      Takeaway meal from the Eight Bells, Hawkhurst
*      Takeaway meal from the Queen’s Inn, Hawkhurst
*      Flowers/plants from Lindsay Barrow, florist, The Colonnade
*      Anything from Two Chicks gift shop, The Colonnade
*      Anything from Ooh How Lovely, corner of Cranbrook Road and High Street

Here is the map of our 2020 entrants and the timeline of the competition.

Rye road joins in on the last day with a brown eyed botanist and Vale Road has SpongBob and Gary in residency.

The penultimate day on Birchfield Grove.

Literally hotting up on 25th June with another Birchfield Grove scarecrow, a whole family on Slip Mill lane and Humpty Dumpty at Ockley Road.

Four more entrants from Moor hill, Birchfield Grove and Mercers on 24th June.

Lavinia Lush comes to Birchfield Grove from 22nd June.

Surf’s Up at Gills Green on 21st June.

By 20th June we have sheep on Queens road, a cat at Ockley allotments and Scouts at their HQ.

Copthall Avenue has a resident member of the Hawkhurst Gang! Rag dolls moved in to Water Lane and the muddy biker at Basden has been round the block a few times by 19th June.

Joining the party on 15th June are entrants from Basden Cottages and Water Lane.

Entrants up to 14th June can be found in Gunther Close, Fairview, Tory Row, Water Lane, Basden Cottages and Wish Valley Mews.

Our Village in 2020

We can make the most of what we have in difficult times.

Join us in creating a spectacle for everyone to safely enjoy.

Make a scarecrow in whichever fashion you like and put it at your gate.

Take a picture and post it to our Facebook page or email us.

Share in your community fun and you may win a prize!

“everything countryside is backwards”

Worzel Hedgerow Gummidge