Anita Stevens

My name is Anita Stevens and I’m the new Chair of Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018. I have been involved with HCT 2018 since its inception in 2018 and was a Trustee and latterly volunteer for the charity before becoming Chair.

I’ve lived in the village for 15 years and my children went to Bodiam primary school. I’m very family orientated and have been involved with volunteering and charitable work all my life. I’ve worked for the National Trust for a number of years where I’ve had a range of roles and now focus primarily on learning and development and change management. I’m a Rainbow Leader in training for Girl Guiding and thoroughly enjoy seeing young children in the Hawkhurst unit grow and develop. I’m fortunate to know many residents and have a very clear appreciation of day to day living in Hawkhurst.

HCT 2018 has really grown since its small beginnings in 2018. We work to contribute to making Hawkhurst a great place to live and we do this with the help of our volunteers and working with local organisations to be more than the sum of our parts. I’m really looking forward to continuing the journey with HCT 2018 helping it to deliver events for the benefit and enjoyment of residents.

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