LANTERN MAKING 22nd October 2019

Teaming up with the Cranbrook Children’s Centre to host a seasonal craft afternoon. 

50 spaces were filled with eager children, many of whom were very creative indeed.  The ‘lantern making’ was so well received that we are looking at further creative events for children in Hawkhurst.

Most parents of young children will nod as we say that there really isn’t enough in Hawkhurst for young families.  There is definitely a need for the provision of safe, creative space with links to support services that are willing to reach out a hand.  

Fun activities for kids should be easy, DIY and can mostly be done with everyday items that are around the house.  So up came the idea of hosting a free lantern making workshop at the Sports Pavilion at the Moor, for local children from 2-8 years old.


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